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Putting aside the aforementioned Ayurvedic remedies we are a major part of, other products that we wholeheartedly put forward include traditional spices found on our island that enrich the quality of your very own home made cooking to a level of extreme satisfaction, chutney & sauces to add yet more flavour into the meals we consume on a daily basis, tea leaves of the black and green variety for just about the ideal method of relaxation after a strenuous period during the day, and to a bigger extent, the massage oils that truly relax every fibre in one’s being and leave them with the least of worries on their shoulders

Our main market areas

As per the current productions, our products can be categorized into several types

  • Spices
  • Coconut
  • Dry foods
  • Dry fish
  • De-hydrated foods
  • Fresh fruits & Vegetables

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