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As highlighted, our association with herbal treatment dates back to over 6 decades.  Our first ayurvedic dispensary opened in 1953 and that little flame that ignited has carried on through generations to still be burning to this day. Despite the ever-growing scene in our exploits, the one constant has remained our deep roots in the ayurvedic market in our country, as our history suggests. Launching as all but a tiny venture, the Dilshara Group has gone from strength to strength from those early days.

B.A. Abhayawardhane Ayurvedic Doctor/ Founder

B.A. Abhayawardhane
Ayurvedic Doctor/ Founder

Asitha Abhayawardhane

Asitha Abhayawardhane
Managing Director

Realizing the budding development of the company, We commenced our processing and product lines in the 1980’s and soon set about establishing ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. In contrast to the vast range of products we now combine our business with, we took on the task of processing local spices, a practice that we incorporate into our day to day activities even to this day. After the hard work and dedication our company put in resulted in the kind of success we had envisaged all along, we officially turned ourselves into a limited liability company in 2010. Since then, growth and more success have been inevitably following and we have no intentions of resting on our laurels. We see beyond every horizon, and we will strive to obtain unforeseen levels of quality and excellence as each day passes.

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