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About Dilshara International

Since before the time of the mighty Kings of our ancient island, the value of ayurvedic treatment - via herbs that were more available back in the day - was upheld through the highest standards, and onto this day and age, continues to do so. Seeking to capitalize on this situation, the Dilshara Group has come in leaps and bounds in standing tall amongst the ayurvedic (herbal) giants of the land.

Making the early realization of the struggles of trying to survive on just the herbal medicine market, Dilshara has made all the necessary attachments to the relevant industries, promises quality with all activities we undertake, and delivers on that promise without failure. The pioneers of our primary industry turn to us to ensure that their products can be found far and wide, and so that aryuvedic treatment is never too far away for 20 million inhabitants, no matter where on the island you reside.

We are a thinking company that thrives on the idea of quality service & customer satisfaction and this leads us to take the initiative and be a leader in standard. Dilshara Food Processing has identifiable superiority with our line of foods that include virgin coconut oil.coconut oil. Desiccated coconut,pickles, chutneys,fruit juices, sauces,dehydrated fruits and vegetables,brine fruits and vegetables,fresh fruits and vegetables, herbal cholesterol tea, herbal diabetic tea, herbal gastritis tea, herbal massage oil, herbal hair oil,Ayurvedic medicines,Ceylon black tea,Ceylon green tea,our wide range of spices.


As highlighted, our association with herbal treatment dates back to over 6 decades.  Our first ayurvedic dispensary opened in 1953 and that little flame that ignited has carried on through generations to still be burning to this day. Despite the ever-growing scene in our exploits, the one constant has remained our deep roots in the ayurvedic market in our country, as our history suggests. Launching as all but a tiny venture, the Dilshara Group has gone from strength to strength from those early days.

B.A. Abhayawardhane Ayurvedic Doctor/ Founder

B.A. Abhayawardhane
Ayurvedic Doctor/ Founder

Asitha Abhayawardhane

Asitha Abhayawardhane
Managing Director

Realizing the budding development of the company, We commenced our processing and product lines in the 1980’s and soon set about establishing ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. In contrast to the vast range of products we now combine our business with, we took on the task of processing local spices, a practice that we incorporate into our day to day activities even to this day. After the hard work and dedication our company put in resulted in the kind of success we had envisaged all along, we officially turned ourselves into a limited liability company in 2010. Since then, growth and more success have been inevitably following and we have no intentions of resting on our laurels. We see beyond every horizon, and we will strive to obtain unforeseen levels of quality and excellence as each day passes.


Our sights will always be set on being the undisputed leader in our respective ventures, to never let complacency creep in and to go from strength to strength. We strive to be a name synonymous with quality of the highest order and to always enable our drive to be customer satisfaction and at no point to stop broadening our horizons.


We aim to increase in numbers and in class our products and our general output. We are in the process of increasing our reach to all corners of our island and beyond, and to always maximize the utility of our products and our distribution channel. We will strive to uphold the Dilshara name and will continue to maximize our earnings at the cheapest costs, at the same time giving more than our due back to the economy.


Here at Dilshara, we see growth as a never ending source of inspiration, and it is much a part of our fabric as any other commodity we have featured over the years. To cover all 25 districts in the 9 provinces of our land is a dream that is on the verge of being realized. Assisting in achieving that is our very realistic goal of effectively doubling our productivity by increasing our fleet to over 100 vehicles. As has been with our exports to foreign countries, we aim to successfully replicate that system in distributing on our mainland products imported from foreign lands, far and wide.

With the inevitable expansion, we also aspire to build our location to one that consists of over 50,000 square feet as well as to increase our warehouses to over 100,000 square feet. Amidst all this, we never forget our duties in providing a safe and sustainable working environment as we aim to strengthen our countries economy and employment rate.

Lying low is not an option, regardless of whatever type of success we achieve. We refuse to stop until we will be undisputedly recognized Sri Lanka’s premier distribution channel, in addition to occupying the spot of being the number one ranked food processing plant in Sri Lanka. Neither of these goals can be deemed unattainable as the core of our success story thus far has been pure belief, and we will continue to do so.


In the hot seat is one of the most astounding personalities of our land, who in addition to being the managing director of the company, is also one of the most instantly recognizable faces in all the land. Mr. Asitha Abhayawardhane has been a TV/Film actor & director of considerable repute since 1994 and the star power he cultivates goes a long way in the success of the company. The publicity given to the company’s products, via marketing and other strategies, is never in doubt given Mr. Abhayawardhane’s strong ties with those in the field of media & advertising. He has visited the South Korea to take part in the exhibitions as a delegate. In addition to all these accomplishments, he has also visited the JEJU Product Show in 2010 and Seoul Food Tech 2012. Such expertise goes a long way in portraying the idea that the ideal man is at the helm of this company.  Dilshara Group also banks with the leading bank of the island, The Bank Of Ceylon. All this is ample reason that consumers and investors, both local and foreign, places considerable trust in our company. We are company that’s always on our feet, and will continually improve our standards and quality until we are recognized as the leader in whatever endeavors we undertake. As you may understand, we are well and truly on our way to achieving that.

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